Our Heritage

It takes a special kind of vegetable to bear the Le Sueur label. For more than 100 years we’ve been known for our premium breed of petite, sweet peas; they’re so delicate that the only way to maintain their exquisite tenderness from farm to table is in a Le Sueur can. Our peas are grown in the rich, fertile soil near Le Sueur, Minnesota, a valley named in honor of the French explorer Pierre-Charles Le Sueur. For decades families have relied on the Le Sueur brand to deliver consistent quality and simple goodness. Sophisticated palates demand the fresh taste of Le Sueur.

  • 1700 French explorer Pierre-Charles Le Sueur lands in the Minnesota River Valley. The small Minnesota town and the canning company that develop there will later be named in his honor.
  • 1903 The Minnesota Valley Canning Company is founded in Le Sueur, Minnesota, specializing in cream-style corn.
  • 1907 Canned Early June Peas are introduced by the company with a Le Sueur Z label, and their small size and tender, sweet flavor quickly become a hit with American consumers.
  • 1933 The Le Sueur brand drops the Z from the name, becoming simply Le Sueur.
  • 1939 The Minnesota Valley Canning Company starts growing and producing asparagus.
  • 1950 The Minnesota Valley Canning Company officially becomes the Green Giant Company. The premium Early June Peas continue to be canned under the Le Sueur name.
  • 1993 Le Sueur introduces two more products: Very Young Small Sweet Peas with 50% Less Sodium and Tender Baby Whole Carrots.
  • 2013 A fresh label design is introduced on Le Sueur’s signature silver cans.